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out of the blues....

The wheats have grown  more than 1 meter  high now. 
Along the pathways, where the farmers  drive their tractors to till 
the field, there are  various wildflowers that pop-up out 
of the blues... 

The seeds of these wildflowers either  came from different areas of 
 Marchfeld (part of Lower Austria)  that  we considered countryside  or   by means 
 of pollination through bees and  insects or can be that the farmer´s scattered
them  all over/along  the  field pathways.

Whatever is the reason for the wildflowers existence, it´s a pleasure to look 
at them always , just being there.... standing still and spreading 
their beauty! 

It´s amazing that a  gathered bunch of these cornflowers could be  turned 
into a gorgeous bouquet at no cost at all!

Cornflowers are actually tiny flowers.... 
as you can see in the photos here. When they are held altogether 
they create a big impact  when placed  on a table 
because of the deep blue color. 

If you can gather some of these, you´ll surely make 
a wonderful arrangement to get inspire with. 

Gathered some and made them into a bouquet .......

I hope your weekend is wonderful...

Thank you for reading my blog.

Happy Weekend!



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