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not just a bunch of yellow roses...

Ako´s Yellow Rose  

The rose bush has been in the garden since middle 90´s,  the time 
when we got  Ako, our rottie..

We ordered it from Germany,  but it´s  actually  a 
David Austin rose named Ausmas.. 

The first time it bloomed, I was fascinated by the 
 beauty of the cup-shaped blossom,  with luscious petals
 and its lovely fragrance that is a bit similar to that of a honeysuckle,
spreading its scent all over the garden.

Our bush develops clusters and clusters of buds 
in each of the branches  and it´s even growing vigorously more
 each year..... many buds, yes.. so many buds that would become beautiful, 
gorgeous blossoms in a couple of days....

...spreading wonderful scent and mesmerizing every 
human being.... well, even the bees and 
other insects as well. 

We´ve been blessed having this in our small garden paradise..  
the reason behind why  we call it Ako´s Rose is that, 
we planted it  almost the same time we got him
 from that  farm in Lower Austria 
way back in 1994.

A very robust variety, just  feed it with a common-used 
fertilizer and prune in Fall...  the following 
Spring, it will start to thrive wonderfully.. 

Some blossoms are cut for my vases and after
 a few days when petals fall, I just gather 
 those and  put them in a container  to 
dry for  my potpourris.

And sometimes... I put them in one single vase  or 
put the  blossom in  each jug or jar
 grouped  together to give a different 
mood  in a room.

These flowers gave us so many happy moments
 and whenever we see them, we see our
 beloved rottie Ako, who  left us with 
beautiful memories!

 Enjoy your day  whatever you´re
 doing, wherever you are...
Thanks for visiting!


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