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a bouquet of just about everything....

Sometimes, the span of time between the months of September and 
October can be very interesting as far as wildflowers 
are concerned. In these months, I still saw many colors.

There are various flowers available here that is mostly 
dominated by yellow ones, i.e.the goldenrods which play an important function
 in my bouquets and arrangements in the abovementioned months.  

I like the style of putting the long stemmed flower in the middle and letting 
the shorter ones cascade towards the sides of the vase. If I want to give 
volume at the center, I just add flowers with more leaves. 

I´ve had a heavy supply of goldenrods since they grow wildly along the 
field near our home. 

This arrangement taken from the top, depicted the true shape 
and distribution of all the flowers in this vase. 

The vase by the way, was a lucky find at a local flea market and 
was almost a give-away just because the dealer 
wanted to get rid of it.

I will surely use this vase more often in the coming season. 
I can´t wait for Spring to come to see the areas near
 our home exploding with various flowers and colors.

Hope all is well at your end!

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