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visiting the vineyards

Hi everyone!
After a couple of months of absence, I´m now back blogging.

I have a few posts drafted but weren´t published yet and this is one of those. 

The grapes are at their best now.  This cluster of vineyards is located in our 
district , in the slopy hills of Bisamberg. The locals come here to hike towards the 
top where the former tower of the local radio and TV station was located. The tower had long been  removed, but the locals still hike to reach the top.
From there, one can relax and enjoy the beautiful emerging viennese skyline.

The grape harvest in Vienna starts middle of August til November.  
At this time of the year, there are various wine festivities in all 

I took this photo in one of the vineyards and these grapes were
really very sweet!

With her little short legs, Lily was even  better-off than myself . She was running, smelling, stood still when people passed in front of her.  

Along the way, I took shots of the wild flowers inside 
the vineyards we visited.

 These grapes were so sweet!!!

The owner of these vineyard steps made use of  old vine barks as support 
for the stairs, which is a good functional idea!

These vineyard visitors are going up to join one of the wine festivities. 
Lily, couldn´t decide whether to join them, LOL!

Though we only walked very slowly, we only made it 1/4 of the way to the top. 
I was beginning to feel pain in my feet, so we just stayed taking pics of few 
vineyards we reached. And thank God, we were lucky to have reached 
the car before the rain poured down. 

Hope you enjoyed the pics!