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winter shelter ...


Today had been one of those uncomfortable autumn so so gloomy!
 The wind was blowing gusty that it would make you
 shiver to death. 

I went out and walked Lily in the afternoon, it was brave of me to 
go outside towards the fields just to see that chubby Lily 
makes her afternoon walk and move, move, move. 
Well, she has to lose weight... and so am I.

It is this cold weather that made me decide to still enjoy these
wonderful gift of nature, so I thought of bringing them inside
the house although available space isn´t that much.

I usually leave them outdoor in winter, buy newbies in Spring and 
let them grow til flowers are there to enjoy in Summer. But these ones are 
exceptionally gorgeous and I love them particularly 
the pink blooms.


And so..... I took the six potted geranium ( three pinks and three reds) 

that  are still blooming tremendously inside the house!
They are late bloomers and I dearly enjoy their flowers now ....
particularly when the nights are long and the days shorter. 

In summer, I cut the geraniums and add these to the wildflowers 
I`ve gathered when walking Lily, they add attractive color contrast 
to the bouquet I arrange each time.

 "chrysanthemum morifolium"

When I got this flower pot about two months ago, it had many small 
buds that were about to bloom. A couple of weeks later, the buds 
nicely opened and showed its radiant  and wonderful  colors.   
At first, they were in yellow with pinkish stripes and a bit of 
apple green in the middle. 

 I keep the soil moist by giving a daily dose of mineral water... 
As weeks passed-by, the flower-color turned into beautiful white!

The mineral water played a very important role in keeping these 
flowers looking so crisp, just like in the very beginning! 

Happy Thursday !