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free onions and rosehips....

Year after year, we get so much of these onions from the 
fields near our home, for free. 
Sometime in September, the farmers do their seasonal 
harvesting in the Marchfeld area outside Vienna.

The tractors would set the onions free from the soil, gather them in rows, 
dry them  for about a couple of weeks before they are being 
cleaned and delivered to the wholesalers in big crates.

When the farmers finished their harvest and the tractors are 
out of the fields, we´re allowed to get the remaining ones that were not 
included in the harvester.

Aside from the abundance of such harvest, I also got rosehips that I´m drying, also
from the same area. I´m trying this out for the first time to make tea... 
I read that each berry is  full of  vitamins and could give relief to colds.
I´m anxious  to try the tea now!

We love to walk the dog here because it´s where nature is at its best.  
Lily would while away enjoying the smell of the grass, wild trees
and bushes as other dogs do.

Sometimes, the farmers here change the crops they grow each season...
one time it´s the potatoes,  next.... the corn , rapes or sunflowers for 
the oil production.

Lily exploring....

...and inspecting our free harvests

Rosehips for drying..... interesting to note that the drying process takes long.

My storage box full of onions is hidden in a cool dark place to make 
them last longer. The dark place is necessary to prevent each 
piece from getting green shoots, thereby leading each 
onion to get spoiled!

 I will tell more on the dried rosehips soon as they are ready... 
perhaps, the rosehip tea will taste good! 
Am anxious!

Thanks for visiting!

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