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Antique Mother Of Pearl Buttons - The Collection

This is a collection of very rare mother of pearl buttons which were handed-down to me by my mother in law.... they were made by her husband´s great uncle whose profession was to produce such buttons out of oyster shells that he sold to fabric stores in the 20`s.

 He also produced buttons of various sizes and designs and the ones featured here were artistically handcarved for his wife who  loved crafting ....

Profile of a lady beautifully carved in this mother of pearl button with a shamrock as background.

A gentleman whose profile image reflects a sign of power

A rose flower

A flower button

Another rose flower

looks like an image of a fox

A shamrock that should bring good luck

Sad to say that mother of pearl buttons are  rarely produced nowadays. In Autria , there is  only one remaining expert producing them, it´s a fading industry & profession..... and the outlook that the young generations may take over is vague in the future .

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