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The Odyssey of an Amazing Spanish Amaryllis

These were the very first blooms after the bulb arrived in Vienna from Spain. The Story one year before is below the update.


Update : the year after

 Below, is an update of this amazing plant,  a year after I got it from my spanish friend( updated today June 3, 2013). In the meantime, it has now about 6 tiny siblings and I´m cultivating them...

                             above & below, the updated pics, 1 year after... 2013


One year after , this stalk reached around 80 cm in height (2013).
It came all the way from Southern Spain, this amazing  amaryllis...
A spanish friend loves gardening and Amaryllis is one of his passions.
He grows , propagates and sells some of them. I guess, I was lucky to have gotten
 the biggest bulb he had.
The Story of this amazing plant began  at a friend´s house.

When I got it, it was sprouting and developing its top, so I had to be careful not to damage the stems and the flower because I want to bring it home after the holiday.

To be able to transport it to Vienna, I wrapped it like a mummy with full of  wet sponge and old newspaper, placed it in a  freezer bag and add as part of my luggage for check-in.....
 and it did survive the flight!

The day after, I set it in a pot and it started blooming amazingly!!!

 Later, after 2 weeks of aaaahhhs &  ooooohs, we finally cut the stem as the flowers dried off...

But, a miracle happened, there was new growth of stems again ,
and  just like the first round,  each stem ( there were 2) had 5 or 6 flowers....
 Super, wasn´t it?

If you´ll have a look at the above photo, the 1st stem had at least 5-6 flowers and the
2nd stem, have had also the same.

A close-up Photo of the center of amaryllis.

I have really no idea how to grow amaryllis, this is my first and I think I was lucky
 to have picked the biggest bulb...

Five months after, the original bulb has gotten 5 newbies which I now propagate,
 and in a year or two, it will start blooming ( well, at least I hope so!).


Thank you for reading my blog today and  wish you  were inspired by todays´s posting.
Wishing you all a  pleasant morning/evening wherever you are in your part of the world.

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