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Let´s Make Christmas Wreaths

It´s the time of the year that we should start to  think about the Christmas decor we want to have for the home. The Advent time is nearing ( last Sunday of Nov) and so is  time  essential in preparing the materials needed...I love to start making my decors around November, and at some point I will buy new ones when the time comes when ornaments are being offered for sale at the stores.

Now, the above  door wreath was  made 2 years ago.... actually, the materials I used for the above were old. The bells were one time used as hangings for the Christmas tree as well as the angel in the middle of the wreath... the angel was one of 12 pieces, they were gifts from my brother who sent me various tree decors made of capiz shells and other ornaments that he bought for the family.  The base or the ring of dried twigs came from a hardware store and is used as decor whenever I feel like creating a new wreath..

A simple wreath like the above can be easily done in less than an hour. Also this is an "as you go craft" ...just gather all decors you would like to add to the loose cobifer greens , tie with a ribbon
 add some hangings like a skate shoe or conifer cones,there are so many possibilities.

Here are the materials I used to make the wreath below:

1 wreath base (styrophor)
thin craft wire, pine "green needles"
ribbon of around 1,5 meters, trimmings like christmas bells, christmas deco, etc

Simply cover the wreath base with the pine greens using craft wire until all the wreath´s exposed surface is fully covered... 

add ribbon around the base (see pic) and add whatever trimmings you would like to have to give character to your wreath..

Use your fantasy, whatever design you may end-up with, it will reflect your personality and the originality of your wreath.

Wishing you Happy Crafting!!!

Til next,


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