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Decorating Ideas For Vintage Laces

Most of my readers know that I´m an avid collector of anything blue and the ones above are part of it.. In order for me to highlight the cupboard because of the dark background, I used vintage laces that were handed down to me by my Granny...These laces were handstitched and are really beautiful. I got plenty of these so I thought of using them in many ways.

I use these vintage laces to trim any soft furnishings at home, recycle old tablecloth and make them into pillowcases...display  old laces anyway I can, they really add romantic touches to the home...

For the ones that are one of a kind and did not belong to a set, I used it as trimming like in  this neck pillow.

 I also trim  a pillowcase which in turn can be used to protect the chair from becoming soily as  píllowcases can be washed and the chair is difficult to clean if it gets soily.

this is an intricate stitchery that has been in hubby´s family since decades, her Grandmother
was fond of the richelieu embroidery. This can be used to adorn a pillow that was actually used
 cover the seal that cold air that slipped inside the room, the houses in those days did not have
 double glazed as in today´s modrn world.

This is also a lace or shall we say doily crocheted by Granny and now 
covers my reading chair.

A vintage lace that I cut and recycled to use as trimming for the 
bed skirt.

the above is an intricate lace and is 1 of 6 that I´m still keeping and 
just don´t know yet what to make out of them.

This is also an old intricately stitched doily and I use it just for display...
 the tray is made by an aunt who is producing and exporting their
 rattan products.

Whatever vintage laces you may have, make the most out of them,
display them in so many ways and show how lovely they are...
Afterall, not so many women are lucky to have such treasures!

Til next,