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Colorful Stylish Mineral Earrings

Hi everyone! Today, I will simply share some of the earrings I have made in the past... I collect mineral stones and as I find the time, I make them into jewelries like the earrings above.

These sets of earrings were made in a very simple way using spacers, wires,  hooks, stones and crystals.. Minerals and semi-precious stones are very fascinating materials to work with. It´s so amazing how a simple stone can be turned into a fabulous gem....

Agate & Tiger´s eye 

Lapis lazuli


Jasper, Agate and Swarovski crystals

Freshwater pearl and Agate

Green colored Howlithe with spacers and Swarovski Crystal...
If you would love to create your own jewelries, try getting some reference books or magazines on working with Beads... there are many available in the market, try your bookstores or maybe try the tutorials in youtube.
I wish everyone a happy Sunday!
Til next,