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The Potted Lilies


They were planted in a hollow block (concrete) located on the top terrace of the house.
They seem to have gotten accustomed to the small space.

The lily bulbs came from a pack that I got from a Supermarket....
just trial and error planting, as I´m not used to planting bulbs.



During it´s 1st year, the stalks were just half of this year´s height.
and not much flowers were there.... Right now, we´re having an explosion of
its buds and we really didn´t expect such plant to grow in such a small space.

The bulbs were a mixture of yellow and peach color lilies and the stalks are so robust that they could withstand even if there is a gusty wind.

They are protected anyway, because the small terrace on top is surrounded by
walls and yet they still get so much sun. The top terrace is ideal also for growing
salad greens as well as other veggies in containers.

Part of the bulbs were also planted in my small backyard, but all were victims
of the slugs....they seem to be all over.

One remedy to reduce slugs/snails coming in the  Yard downstairs is to place a container of beer. They are so crazy to come and get " drunk".
They come in the night, that´s when they are active... their sense of smell is very
fine, that the beer container were always full of them the following morning. I gathered them and put them back to the fields not so far away from our house.

Along with the lilies, I also have a peony this year, that´s been growing nicely next to it, also in a hollow block. I hope that there will be blooms next year.

This one stalk has plenty of buds this year.
More of the lily buds.....

I hope that these lilies will continue to be as beautiful next year....Hope you have enjoyed  the flowers !

Happy Sunday everyone!


Til next,