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caramelized squash

Squash reminds me of home as a young girl... I helped mom cook her many dishes and one of those was the squash mixed with aubergines and bitter gourd with chilis and a bit of vinegar. Oh how I miss her cooking!

It´s squash season here...the farmers have been busy harvesting. Now, the tractors keep on rolling in the fields next to our home...preparing the fields for the next season. I blogged about the white and the red onions  and the white onions I´ve gathered last week from the fields that the farmers left behind. In this recipe, I used the red onions from that harvest. This is a squash recipe I developed..and so, let´s go to the steps of how I cook this "cool" veggie. 

Caramelized Squash


1 Hokkaido squash - halved, 
          seeded, and sliced 3/4 inch thick 
spring onions -
 1 clove crushed garlic
1 red bell pepper 
1 cup frozen green beans
2 leeks cut into 1x1 cm size
2 medium red onions- diced
 olive oil
2 tbsp soya sauce
salt,  pepper
1 tbsp dark sugar or 1 tbsp 
sugar substitut (i.e stevia powder)


1. Cut squash into halves and scoop out seeds and membrane,  do not peel the skin. Arrange the squash parts in a container and steam for about 10 minutes or until the squash parts get soft. Transfer the squash onto a plate. 

    2. In a small container, mix 2 tbsp soya sauce with 2 tbsp olive oil , by means of a pastry brush, use the mixture to coat all sides of the squash parts.  Season with salt and pepper and  sprinkle the sugar randomly on the sides of each squash slice..

In a hot pan with 2 tbsp olive oil, fry the parts until they become golden brown and sugar begins to caramelize. Lower the heat of the fire until all sugar is completely dissolved. Remove the squash and put in a plate for later use. 

3. Cut the roots off the spring onions and wash them , steam for about 3 minutes until the green parts become limp, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of soya sauce on top and fry quickly just that  the soya sauce could give them color. transfer to a platter for later use.

In the same pan,  fry the crushed garlic, add the red onions and the rest of the cut bell peper, leeks and green beans until  fully soft,...season with salt and pepper according to your taste.

 4. Arrange the vegetables on a platter topping these with the squash. Add the  fried onions all around encircling the vegetables. Voila!

 Enjoy cooking this!
 Happy Sunday

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