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A Crocheted-Chair Coverlet

The 4 balls of cotton yarns were just kept handy in the cupboard just in case I wanted to start a crochet project during my holiday.
For about ten years or so, I never touched them. And,  I also didn´t have a chart or  pattern with me  to make this into a project.

 Since the only available hook I´ve had was bigger in size, I decided I would crochet double the yarn  to finish soon. The hook you see here has a size of 4 mm.


 First, I chained 12 to make a round , then crocheted 12 half stitches for the 2nd row...


This is a crochet as you go coverlet.... just increase the stitches that is built like an inverted pyramid.

At first, I didn´t have a firm idea of what this is going to be, I thought of  finishing the  balls of yarns as a pillowcase. Well, I can  still convert this into a pillowcase later. Then I chained the edges with a picot to give it a romantic touch.

     But, I just thought it might somehow serve as a coverlet for a chair...that would be nice I thought,


then, it became a coverlet!!! 



I finished the 4 balls of yarn just enough to make a 50 cm x 50 cm piece while watching TV ( during holiday).


I hope this gives you an idea for the yarns you´ve been hoarding.... :-) oTake your yarns out of your cupboard and start a Project now, LOL!

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday ahead ...


Til next,