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The Pearl Earrings

A formal gathering motivated me to make  this pair of danglings and its matching
bracelet... the color of the freshwater pearls matched the suit I was wearing. I didn´t want to wear black dress, although the dinner party was a formal one.
  And so I decided to wear a grey suit in the party and thought it would be appropriate for the occasion. Grey suit! Well, what jewelry matched this color? I thought silver would be ok, but I already wore a pearl necklace with a silver closure those past annual parties.
I´ve had a simple solution motivated by the grey suit... why not make a pair of dangled earrings?... quickly, I searched for the materials in my craft room and soon came up with some fresh water pearls in cream and grey (colored) plus I still had those mother of pearl bead remainders that I used from a past project .
 I had to buy the silver hooks/wires as well as the holder from a mineral shop in the city. Soon, I finished the earrings quickly in one sitting.. Trimmings like bead spacers were added to make them look more elegant.
Now for the matching charm bracelet... it occured to me that there was not much time left to go shopping for accessories!  I had a silver chain bracelet that I got from an online shop as gift for my  orders from them....This was the very bracelet 
I used to attached all the pearls to... and now my charm bracelet looked elegant, won´t you agree?
In doing this, I now have a charm bracelet that is matching to the earrings.. 

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