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The Backyard Roses

Today is one of those sunny days that are so seldom in our part of the world. We had plenty of rain the past 2 weeks causing floods in Central Europe particularly Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary ... so sad to see plenty of people loosing their existence...

At least today,  we have high temperatures with sunny skies... And the yellow roses in my backyard are blooming wonderfully. What a nice sight to see those clusters of vivid yellow colored flowers with enormous lovely fragrance!

Year by year, its blooms are getting more & more as the rose bush gets older.
I have blogged this flower in the past, this is my dog AKO´s yellow roses... We planted this bush when he was just a puppy some 19 years back..

Except for pruning it from time to time, it´s a low maintenance sort. I don´t even know its latin seems to be a historic kind, like those english roses of David Austin.

Today I cut some clusters for my dog AKO in his honor to remember him.  

We enjoyed the flowers as much as we enjoyed our true friend who was put to sleep
forever in April 2007 with Age 14 due to hip Problem

I hope you enjoyed the pics and I thank you for reading this blog.
I pray for all the flood victims and  hope that the water may subside now ..

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Til next,