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blue and white love

Yesterday Saturday was supposed to be my marathon cooking, but I didn´t cook that much because I already cooked so many things the weekend before...

The bed linens have been changed yesterday. I took a bit of time for our guest bedroom which has the blue & white scheme. In the last decade, I did a lot of soft furnishings in various shades and designs  of blue fabric. I even made a Sampler quilt for my husband and various quilted pillows too.

The guest bedroom, which I have blogged before shows the complete bed canopy I designed.  For more on this blog, just simply click parade of pillowcases... 

The curtains, the headboard, bed canopy as well as most of  the pillowcases were all made by me.

I was just really playing with the coordinates and I think the fusion of various blue colors
is ok, at least that´s how I see it...

...and so, I hope this will inspire anyone reading this to just try making their own linens and collect.

Happy Sunday everyone and 
have a great week ahead!