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wild flower arrangement

One thing I love in our area is that we are near  the Marchfeld Kanal, a creek that is separating Vienna from Niederösterreich ( Lower Austria) and is not far  away from where we live.

When Ako (our rottie) was still alive, we biked towards the creek , tagging him along passing through the  fields to the Kanal.  He loved these little adventures chasing the rabbits although he knew he did not  have a chance.

 And so today is one of those weekend days for  biking.. Our beloved Ako lived for 14 years, unusual for a rottweiler... Now that he´s no longer around, we would just biked around the blocks......... round for round, just to move for 20 minutes or so. 

Today, we went farther from our route and I gathered wild flowers or anything I could use for the floral arrangement I wanted to make.

 I always carry a cutter and a tote bag along with  me, just in case I find some wild flowers or dried woods along the way..

There were tiny camomilles being surrounded by the bees sucking the nectar, and the pretty yellow ones , names of which I don´t know what.

There were also the berries of  the wild roses as well as the changing colors of the wild vine.

 Arranging the wild flowers is not difficult: You just have to use a vase that will hold your arrangement firmly. 

Wild flowers are seldom nowadays  as it gets chilly in the night.  Oh well, it´s already Fall! 

Fogs appear in the morning as the sun tries to give   earth its rays of life. 

Our weekend moves on. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Happy Friday!

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