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Botanical Garden

Verbenas ( latin name : Lantana sellowiana)

I may not have imagined this...but this botanical garden is just a few steps away from my office...

I kept on seeing it from my window ( see below pic) and I thought of visiting it the soonest.

It ´s actually a park full varieties of plant/species including the trees, I mean really big trees that you will see here as you scroll this blog...

If one needs to have peace and take a pause from a stressful day, then is one place to go.. there are banks and seats everywhere.

The following are just some of the flowers in this Garden. so have your seat and drink your coffee or tea and enjoy each of the images...


Salvia coccinea

Cobaea Scandens from Mexico

Back of a dahlia

Sunrays captured by my Digicam..

A bee sucking the nectar of this flower..

Hostas in a green house, They are old examples that are suspended  on top and always being sprayed cold water in the form of a thin mist like liquid..

The main hosta has black leaves and the newbies come out green

Ash tree that is so huge that it needs at least 4 people to embrace its  whole trunk. A tree that is also found in Canada abd the US.

If you´re planning to visit Vienna, you should consider this in your itenerary...

Our city has more greens to offer as much as its palaces and castles... You will surely love the city because Vienna is one of the most greenest cities in the world.