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Stir-fried Rice with Spinach

One of the best things about stir-frying is that the procedure is really very basic. You can use various ingredients and apply the procedure in many ways again and again resulting each of the finished food looking so differently.

You can mix the stir-fried vegetables according to your preference... with pasta, rice, couscous, gnocchi, etc. The choice is simply yours.

The most important thing is to know which ingredients require longer cooking. Mostly it´s the hard vegetable such as carrot that need more time to cook. For practical reason and for this recipe, I steamed the carrots before I fried its pieces.

Stir-Fried Rice with Spinach 
(serves: 4 portions)


3 cups cooked round corn rice
2 cloves crushed garlic
1 cup cut spring onions
1 cup crispy fried onion rings to garnish ( see below on how to make this)
1 zucchini- thinly chopped (in rounds)
1 red bell pepper, chopped into smaller pieces
3 medium diced carrots-steamed beforehand
1 cup green peas (thawed if frozen)
200 grams fresh spinach, wash and dried, remove water residue 
      with paper cloth 
olive oil or cooking oil, 
Soy sauce
salt & pepper , a dash of curry powder.

How to make the crispy onions:

Slice the onions finely and coat all the pieces with flour, season with salt. Deep fry the onion rings for about 5 minutes or until they become golden brown...set aside for later use as topping.


Steam the  carrots for about 10 minutes or until the pieces become slightly soft....take out of the steamer and set aside.

In a hot pan with 1/2 tbsp cooking oil, fry the zucchini pieces turning sides once til it becomes golden brown. Repeat on all pieces. Take out the zucchini pieces and place on a platter. 

In the same hot pan with 1/2 tbsp cooking oil, stir fry all spinach leaves, continue stirring for just 30 seconds (not more). The spinach will be reduced drastically in size after the frying, set aside.

Meanwhile in a hot pan with 2 tbsps olive oil, fry the garlic and the spring onions, add the bell pepper and green peas. Stir-fry until the ingredients become soft. Add the steamed carrots and continue mixing. Add the cooked rice and carefully mix so that the rice blends with the other ingredients. 

Set a few pieces of the zucchini and spinach on the side as toppings later and add the rest to the pan, mixing carefully. Season with salt & pepper according to your taste, a dash of curry powder, sprinkle 1 tbsp soy sauce, mix well.

Arrange the rice in a serving bowl and top it with few pieces of zucchini and spinach and the crispy onions. Serve hot as main dish or by-dish.

The most delicious thing about this food is , it´s light and you can even eat it meatless even as main dish.


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