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DIY challenge - a spanish cupboard

It´s not easy to find furnitures in Southern Spain... We had a difficult time searching for spanish style furnitures that we really wanted to have. At some point, we even considered going to Morroco to look for those wood-curved pieces that are andalucian in style.  

Malaga would have been the place to go, but  we didn´t want to drive 60 Km that far. Good that a german friend told us about a new furniture shop that opened recently down the coast.

So we went there and found out that the shop sells vintage furnitures. Upon entering the store and at one glance, we found the furnitures we were looking for.

I fell in love with this old cupboard instantly! I just have to have it and pictured it in my mind that this would be perfect for my small collection of blue & white porcelain!

Although the back of the cupboard had been woodworm infested, it didn´t really bother me because the main frame is intact and is made of hardwood.

 I would have to refurbish it at any rate and the idea of refurbishing made me´s that kind of challenge I needed for some time now and it was my chance..

When the cupboard was delivered, I went to work right away removing the back of the frame as well as its top which was actually covered with a plywood...

This is how the upper part looked like after removing the back panels.

Our local mason told us that his carpenter friend could provide the panels needed, so I got them alright.

The 1m x 1m panels even cost more than the cupboard itself. The price was ridiculous, but I really didn´t want to drive 60 km to get those panels from Bauhaus. I used ordinary nails to fix the panels and varnish those.

Using a fine sandpaper, I sanded the surface again and again to even the scratches and varnish the whole wood until its color equals the lower part of the cupboard..A spray of transparent acrylic paint did the finish.

The blue & white porcelain set here on display was manufactured in Germany...I guess, I would have to start collecting  andalucian ceramics in (cobalt) blue & white and change the display appropriately.

Thanks for reading me.  Cherrish your Sunday!

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