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the mediterranean garden of my german girlfriend

My german girlfriend in Andalucia, Southern Spain is a passionate gardener.  She and her hubby bought their property a year before we bought ours. This garden was set up in such a way that it´s easier to maintain.

This garden has varieties of cacti or cactuses as well as different kinds of aloe vera, agaves and most of those plants that love the mediterranean climate such as oleander and bougainvillea.

When her husband was still alive, she used to have so many flowering plants that her garden space of around 1000 sqm is almost used-up.

There is a water tank that gathers the rain and the accumulated water was being used for watering their garden. Water in Spain is so costly, so the watering system they developed somehow reduced their monthly bill.

Her husband, a very industious man passed away a couple of years ago ... now, she has reduced the plants/trees turning it into a low maintenance garden, literally speaking ...almost maintenance free!

We were invited to her house for a coffee and I took the chance to take photos of her beautiful paradise..... 

The garden has a fantastic view towards the mountain and sea. In winter, the peak of that mountain is fully covered with snow. Behind the mountain is the Sierra Nevada and the province of Granada.

The view towards the sea is so breathtaking!

I hope you have enjoyed the pics and the view.

Til next,