Challenging Arts & Crafts

just a bunch of flowers...

The four week -holiday was long enough for me to be able to make a few projects while relaxing at the same time... there was no stress, so I set to make some of my creative ideas into something and one of those is this set of pillowcases..

The main fabric was discovered in one of my flea market sprees and was once used as material for a a stylish bag that I made for my friend named Tess

From the above bag, there had been a leftover
 fabric that complements the 2 green sofas we bought recently.

The various shades of blue, green, yellow, beige and cream made the fabric design pleasing for the eyes,  so,  I thought of making these "bunch of flowers "  into something that would make the sofa look livelier...

    There was enough material to cover 2 pillowcases of 50cm x 50cm. The back opening of the pillowcase is an overlap so there are no buttons or zip used.
    The two smaller pillows in front are vintage ones that I have since 25 years... I think all look lovely set together with the new ones under the olive green background.