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nothing but a spanish fireplace - part 2

Sometime in January this year, I was blogging on a spanish fireplace we´ve installed in our 2nd home in Andalucia, Spain.

We left the hood of the fireplace unfinished because the tiles ordered didn´t come on time and my holiday was about to end.. It´s June now and we came back to finally finish the tiling part.

If you´ve been following my blogs before, you´ll notice that the projects I´ve done were mostly in blue & white ..

 I´m a big fan of  both colors! Quilts, pillowcases, ceramics, bags.etc.
They´re simply so peaceful and so pretty to look at!

It´s the love for these colors that we thought of reflecting the same
 on the tiles we  wanted for the fireplace.

This time, the tiles ordered came after one long week of waiting. But, there had been a problem, not all were delivered because the factory producing the tiles shut-down and will resume their production only in 3 months. 

The building business in Spain has gone down due to the financial crisis. At the moment, builders/workers are almost jobless and many real estate offices closed down as property buyers are so insecured and scarce since 5 years and are not buying any property at all.....

….. going back to the blue & white tiles... I ended up getting the order without the flower border below...which means I had to find a solution so the fireplace gets to be finished before my holiday is over.

Despite, the missing border part above, the mason made the tiling, but (!!!) the design of the tiles proved to be a disaster.

First, the size of the tile is 20cm x 20cm, just too big to handle...not only that, the flower design was very difficult to place in both sides of the hood as the design had to be carefully considered without breaking its continuity.... the tile design was a „no go“.....aaaargh!!! what happens next?
After all the measuring and cuttings of each tile, ( it took the mason one whole day!)....I was very disappointed :-(( as we had to remove everything and started from scratch, 
and my poor blue & white hood is gone!!! Tschak, finished!!!

and so instead,  we had the hood done in a very rustic looking style that was  in a finished in a short peiod of 1 hour and using a special cement for that purpose.

 We are still considering which paint color the hood will get, but I´m sure it will compliment the wood and the yellow stone....

How about cream or beige?

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