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delightful roadside flowers


In my walks, I always take my camera with me. The drive to the Kiosk would normally take me about 10 minutes by car including coming back.

The walking compensates my lack of movement during the week when I´m at work.... my thoughts are to move move move!!!

Nowadays, especially on Saturdays, when it´s not raining, I walk 30 minutes to the Kiosk to get my magazines and hubby´s Financial Times and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. We have a local newspaper subscription though that´s being delivered right on our door, but my magazines are my source of insprations and ideas.  

Well, you might think.... why don´t we use the internet for news updates?

We are not so fond of reading the news over the internet. We want to hold the papers in our hands, flip the pages while sipping our coffee or tea at breakfast. It´s simply enjoying our time..

The main road to our Kiosk has open fields planted with wheat & corns, and so wild flowers are also in abundance popping up right there in the middle and in betweens... our roadsides are also full of wild flowers.

These thistle are so beautiful, no matter how wild they are, nature proves it has many beautiful creations! Of course, beauty depends on the eyes of the beholder.

As of this writing, the wheats are already for harvesting.

You can see the beauty of nature everywhere,  you only have to look

Every bits and pieces are just Nature´s wonders.

The images of roses included in this blog were all taken from the roadside the other day. They were planted by homeowners whose houses are facing the road.

I love exploring nature,  for it has many things to offer. All those natural wonders relieve me from all forms of stress.  Flowers make me smile... Every single little  thing in one´s life has meaning,  I guess you will agree with me, too!

Til next,