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weekend gardening and lots of wildflowers

a roadside planted peony

We are certainly lucky to be living in the outskirts of the city of Vienna... We have cornfields, wheatfields, self service flower cutting fields, and farmlands and yet , we are close to all amenities a city could offer.

We are still in the city, but it feels like we live in the countryside with natural creeks, vast land where one could go horseriding, biking, swimming, etc.. right at this very moment, the Donau Inselfest (Danube Island Festival) is going on and we can even hear the rockbands roaring in their concerts... 

Today, it had been a busy day... after a very long holiday of about 4 weeks in Spain and an extension of 1 more week spent in Vienna, I have to have most, if not all,the chores get done before the new week comes and it´s gonna be a busy day at work unpacking cartons of files in our new office..

You know how it is after having a holiday, it feels like I need to have a holiday from my holiday..LOL! 

Part of the chores had been gardening.. and I planted strawberries, bought 2 varieties of chillies and bell peppers and some flowering plants.

Today, I also fertilized the geraniums bought before my holiday commenced and had a watering system that really worked using an empty plastic lemonade bottles. It really worked!!! mind you and the geraniums you see here survived.

Self service flower cutting field near my home.

On Saturdays, as I previously blogged before, I take my walk, it´s a 30 minute footwalk down to the Kiosk for the morning papers... and I took photos of the wildflowers along the fields... I don´t know their names, I´m very bad at this,  but here are some of those pics I took...

Hope you enjoy the photos !!!

Here´s hoping all is well on your side, 
enjoy your Saturday!!!

COMING UP in my next blog.....Mini Raspberry Cupcakes