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A Dash of Swirls - African Necklace

The material for this necklace is of african origin, but, I discovered it at a "Rastro" ( Flea Market ) in Southern Spain. When I saw the necklace, it was done in a very primitive way,  probably due to lack of  proper material in the regíon where it came from.  The dealer from Senegal said that these kind of necklaces are products of the natives in their townships who produce them as by-products from cattles mostly cows & goats whose meat are sold locally and horns made into ornaments for their women to wear.

The design is beautiful  so I bought it and had to dismantle it to wire it properly. Then,
I also added brown agate beads to make it longer and used copper
wire for the rewiring...

For the closure, I turned a copper wire as you can see the above to make a simple closure
that is to be hammered later on.

I also have pretty bangles to match this necklace ( see below) which I bought from the 
another african dealer in the same Rastro the previous years.. The material for the 
necklace was a lucky find, since it really matches the design & color of the bangles.

                                                   The African Bangles made from cattle horns

To complete the set, I´ve  sewn the above skirt that would match the african design of the necklace and bangles and  surely I´ll enjoy  wearing all of them as a unique style next summer season.

Have a nice Tuesday everyone!

Til next,