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The Sunny Side Of The Viennese Flea Market

As usual,  the Viennese Flea Market on Saturdays is jampacked with visitors, tourists & dealers as well. It´s not much of an antique flea market, I´d rather say that it´s a practical market where most dealers from Eastern Europe sell their second hand goodies . It´s not really comparable to other great flea markets in Europe  such as in France, England or  Holland where you could really find qualitative antiques.

When we visit the market, we would usually go later when the dealers are about to pack their goods and that´s 2 hours before closing time at 3 PM. Going to the Flea Market means bargaining for something you really wish to acquire, maybe things you are looking for to add to your growing collection of whatever. 

Visiting the flea market is also like sports, you covet something and consider that thing like a trophy, ahhhhhhh......, how it feels good to have bargained for a thing that costs only a fraction !!!  doesn´t hurt your pocket, but it makes you happy and fulfilled.

The  market is  located in the  area called "Naschmarkt" that was once a farmer´s
market until it was reinvented as a mecca for food lovers. It´s a parking lot on the
weekdays and on Saturdays it´s completely in the hands of  the dealers... It is also surrounded by beautiful buildings with tasteful architecture which were mostly built late 18th Century. One example is the building above. 

The two cobalt blue glasses are part of the bohemian glasses we collect. We got them both about 3 weeks ago at a price of 18 Euros each instead of  about 40 each. The 2 plates below are probably part of a set of plates that hold nuts or cookies which I got a 1 Euro each.

The two plates are now displayed in my cupboard adding to my collection of blue & white wares... By the way, the blue & white ceramic coffee sets are "hand downs" from hubby´s family.

Hope you found today´s posting interesting  and I hope to see you here again...

Til next,