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Decorate A Small Elegant Bedroom

All soft furnishings, bed canopy, headboard  were all made by myself.
                This posting has a youtube video called  decorate a small elegant bedroom
It´s the english style of interior decorating that fascinates me most, especially those flower printed fabrics  which give a room that chic cottage feeling are just lovely.

You don´t even  have to spend an enormous amount of money to achieve the elegance you want in a room. In fact, elegant bedrooms can also get their charm from inexpensive collectibles, fleamarket finds, recycled furnitures and bargain quality fabrics.

Of course, color is very important to the style chosen.
 With colors, you get fabulous effects if materials and objects harmonize with each other. The concept is a bit femine...
 but, it looks romantic!

 My budget was limited, so regardless of color and the room´s north facing location, I spontaneously bought at sale 8 meters (double width = 280 cm ) of a rose printed fabric.

I love the design and I thought it nicely suited the room to be decorated. 
The fabric is 100 % cotton, an it´s also machine washable.

The rest of my decorating scheme was developed around this flower design material. I think it really made the room look elegant, cozy and romantic.

It was fun making the headboard, I made a template according to the shape I like. Of course, I considered the width of the bed mattress  extending the template with 2 cm more on each side.

Then, I cut the wood myself using the template, glue the preshaped sponge, then  I upholstered it with a chenille fabric, giving a trimming by using the curtain fabric to give a bit of contrast to the headboard.

For the curtains, I used curtain bands, the draw string type, so you just have to sew the band to the fabric, pull its string and gather the fabric to a perfect pencil sheared side curtain...I used velcro to attach the pelmet to the curtain rail.

To add a personal touch, I´ve added a self made framed crossstitch alphabet.. I think the red color and the beige background of the the embroidery fit nicely to the overall wall decor. The plates were found at the fleamarket as well as the framed watercolors of flowers.


       The pic above shows that mood can change the atmosphere of the room 
if you use different  colors for your soft furnishings.

If you can´t decide what style you want for a room, just go by your instincts!

Decorate it for your own comfort and with the things you love.
Go eclectic, do not be afraid to mix mismatched furnitures as well as the old and modern... afterall, it is your room and you´ve got to like and enjoy it yourself......

    Happy Decorating!

Til next,