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Lovable Doilies

Doilies came to popularity in the 17th Century when a London draper named Doiley created mats out of fabrics to protect furniture surfaces from the daily wear & tear , prevent scratches from all home crockeries and the like. Women in those days created mats by starting to crochet in the center using the filet crochet techniques.

So many patterns were customized by unknown artists for thread & yarn manufaturers to enhance the  selling of their goods...  example companies are DMC or Metz Coats and til now,
women are still so hooked in this hobby while yarn makers are still going strong in business.

I love crocheting intricate doilies and laces and the first two on top are crocheted  under the
style called Brugge crochet made famous by the women of Bruges, a town in Belgium.
It is interweaving crochet that resembles tatted lace..once you start this, you´ll get excited and 
smitten on this project until it´s finished.

The pattern of this doily came from one of the two Ondori crochet books my former japanese boss gave me as present when he visited his hometown in Japan with his family. I really love the books and I made quite many tablecloths from those books pattern.

In the above, I used 2 different thread colors and each color has a different effect on the pattern.

Crocheting is a craft that is wonderful to make even when you´re watching TV,  or during long train rides. I´ve made wonderful tablecloths during train rides to work and I still adore the finished project right at this very moment.

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today and I´m wishing everyone a cheerful, sunny & bright week-end.

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