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A Love Affair with Oil Paints

    "Wasserpark"......30x40 cm oil on canvas, Vienna 2004

This is the beauty of the waterpark near our Vienna home....Here, we used to walk our dog AKO and he chased them all - geese, ducks, black swans, birds even squirrels.

I´m simply sharing my earlier works in today´s posting. Here I used, the wet on wet technique in oil painting, not waiting for the paints to dry but giving an overlapping strokes while canvas is still wet and thereby correcting what might be flaws or errors.

    30x40 cm , oil on canvas...Vienna, 2002

 The above alpine view was my very first oil done in 2002.  The first set of oil paints was a gift from my husband and at first, I was not into painting & didn´t really know what to do with them. Later, I became busy with researches and got books on oil for self study.

These days, as I´m a working wife, I seldom have time to paint...and because this hobby
requires time and concentration,  I opt for other activities in the meantime such as crocheting, bag making and other crafts that I love and that  also includes my gardening, baking adventures and culinary arts.

Thanks for  reading me and have a good Thursday everyone!

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