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Turned, Chained & Hammered - Copper Jewelry

It´s amazing how a simple roll of wire can be  turned into a fabulous piece of jewelry. Copper is one wire I love working on. My first copper project below is a trial and error earring that til today needed finishing, in short,  it is still a work- in really takes time when you want to do it perfectly.  I designed the above pendant making 4 coils swirled by fingers using a special plier. Some parts were hammered to give an artisan look..
Copper jewelry has good effects on one´s health. The fact that when it´s  worn around skin, they eradicate bacteria , fungus and other health hazards that might cause skin irritations.
In today´s posting, the  pendant above was  made last May 2011. I made the necklace out of
of sponge corals ( not endangered specie) and copper wire was used to chain-connect the mineral beads. The best care for  copper jewelry would be to wipe it with a wet cloth before and after wearing... to make it shiny, use car wax sprayed onto its surface then buff  with a dry cloth til it becomes shiny. One crafter was suggesting that another way to clean it is by soaking the jewelry in a cup ( just fully covered) with  fresh lemon juice a couple of minutes, using old toothbrush, brush-clean the difficult to reach areas of the jewelry, afterwards, wash with mild soap and rinse with water and buff with dry soft cloth.

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