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Pot Gardening 2012 - A Resumé

This year´s gardening season had been a fruitful one for me,  actually the same as every year except that  salad greens were a bit more in numbers as last year´s. Over the months, we have collected a few more containers of Skyflakes crackers that are very useful for the salad greens. It all began when I had the idea of using 3 containers to give color to a dull terrace top a couple of  years ago.

Salad Greens in Skyflakes containers
Salad greens are very easy and almost  maintenance free plants, just water everyday and a bit of fertilizer. My planting season began only during the first week of June when I came back from my holiday.
You can see in the the following pics below that they still grew abundantly as Vienna´s summer was particularly good this year.


A variety pf Paksoi/Pechays ( chinese cabbage) were also included in this seasons potted greens. 

The one and only potted cucumber that delivered 2 dozens of fruits, and we had  a supply the whole summer served as salad.

The seeds of ampalaya/bitter melon/bitter gourd came from the Philippines.    


These ampalayas are bitter in taste but very healthy, when I cut them for cooking, I squeeze the bitter taste by using salt, then wash away with water.


The aubergines /eggplants above were used as ingredients for my Imam Bayildi Recipe featured in this blog previously.

All in all, I´m quite satisfied with this season´s pot gardening. I still have the potted bell pepper bush and  Okras outside, they are still bearing fruits. But, as it get chilly in the night, I might as well bring them inside the house anytime from now.

Potted Lilies, planted as bulbs
Oh by the way, my space on the  top terrace is only about 6 sqm or around 65 square feet, but it´s protected from strong wind so it´s ideal for my organic pot gardening.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I hope you are inspired to plant your own organic veggies too!

Til next,