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Vintage Duvet Covers - Recycled

 In the early days, only few people could afford to have the warmth of  duvet filled with goose feathers because they were very expensive. Nowadays, industrialized nations produce them in various materials from natural to synthetic fibers that come in various designs.

The type of duvet covers I´m sharing here are those common in the alpine regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The above type of cases were so popular in the 60´s and they´ve had huge hole in the middle to easily slip in the duvet inside just like in pillowcases.. Some housewives  added & sew laces on the edges of the case so that they would look pretty and romantic when spread on top of the bed.

When the pillows and duvet were standardized in Central Europe, these type of cases almost became obsolete because the new sizes didn´t fit to them anymore. My husband´s grandmother made her own duvet covers and added nice laces on them too.

New modern standardized duvet covers swept the market in the 70`s but grandmother kept all her  cases of about a dozen or more. Some were made of fine egyptian cotton, some were made from damask fabric and some plain and her cases came in pair. It is common to have a double size bed with 2 single mattresses, so that explains the pair of cases.

Grandmother got tired of keeping her vintage duvet cases, so she finally gave them to me... frankly, I didn´t know what to do with them since they are shorter in size and didn´t fit our duvet.
But, giving them away was a waste, so I thought of an idea to cover the opening in the middle of each case with a nice flowery designed fabric to make it look romantic... then, to fit it to the standard size of the modern duvet, I added some white fabric either on both ends or sides as the case would be.

Then, I sew some pillowcases and added the same strip of fabric I used to cover the holes of the duvet cases.... and that´s it! cases instantly grew in  numbers! 

We always enjoy the freshness of cotton in our skin especially in cooler summer days, crisp and comforting, even if this means plenty of ironing activities...! Hope you enjoy today´s posting.

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