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A Stylish Bag for Tess

Today, we have a bright and cheery day as the sun spreads its rays all over my place. Can´t believe that it´s already Autumn. As bright as the sun, I´m sharing a stylish bag I made for a long-time friend Tess. After retiring from her corporate job, Tess is  nowadays ,a successful entrepreneur  and has been very busy with her wholesale business that has something to do with food.  We´ve been friends way back when we both  worked for the same group of  companies. After almost 35 years, we still communicate and see each other whenever I visit my family & friends in my home country.

This bag was especially made for her busy schedule and as  requested, I made it a bit bigger , sort of a carry all-bag for her daily needs. It can even be used as an overnight bag as it´s wide enough to hold lots of things for a one night stay anywhere.

For this bag, english style fabric was used and I think that the colors are wonderful and friendly. The bag is machine quilted and has about 4 layers of fabric including the lining...It has a zipper as closure.

And because the flower design is english,  I used a bluegreen tartan cotton fabric as trimming , pleated and sewn onto the top of the bag, just like my blue handquilted bag previously posted here on the blog a month ago.   I think, the pleated tartan trimming justifies the english rose print & color on this bag, don´t you think so?

From the looks of it, the new owner is happy with her new bag... here´s what she said and
I quote....  "yes the proud owner of the this bag.. really like it... no duplicate copy ever..." .

And of course  being its maker, am happy and proud too that my bags are liked and enjoyed by its owner !


I hope that each of you are inspired to make crafts and explore your creativity. Thank you for dropping-by and reading my blog for today. I`m wishing everyone a brighter week-end  full of sunshine...Enjoy it!

Til next,