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The Evening Bag Story

A couple of years ago, I needed something to wear for a formal gathering I was attending. Finding an evening jacket to match my dress had been a tedious task so I opted to make one myself.  I went to one fabric shop in Vienna called " Komolka"  that has every kind of fabric according to one´s budget. I found a black tafetta that surely matched my dress and an evening jacket was born out of a pattern I´ve  been using a couple of times.

I was lucky to have vintage buttons that were handed-down to me by my husband´s grandmother. One of the buttons  were black, so they fit perfectly to the style and fabric of the jacket. 

The above button has a twisted yarn in the center,  it´s  actually very rare & beautiful. It gave character to the button´s overall appearance as if it was meant for the fabric I found...

And then, there was the issue of the evening bag...... and so, I had to find a black bag that would match the dress. Luckily, I found  one that nobody wanted because it had a spot on its upper right corner. It had a bargain price of 5 Euros  ( around 7USD ) and so I thought what the heck, I´would be using it only for one time so I brought it home. With  a bit of imagination and using the remnants of the jacket frabric, I created a rose and using glue gun,  pasted it right onto the bag to cover the spot.
Then, because the strap wasn´t really that appealing, I took it off and replaced it with a golden one which was recycled from an old bag I kept. And as you can see in the above title photo, the evening bag turned-out to be a success.

Everyone in the party asked me where I had my evening bag custom-made since it matched my jacket.... well, I guess the bag started the small talk in that gathering and of course, I didn´t tell them my small secret!

Hope you got inspired by today´s blog. I´m wishing you a nice weekend, enjoy it.

Til next,