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Stylish Mineral Earrings

As I said before, I love working with minerals, every bead is unique in its way and  you can
really turn a simple stone into a fabulous jewel with a little fantasy in your designs.
Here are some of the finished ones that I made which I´m sure some of you Fashionistas
would love to wear as stylish accessories. For the above , I used a pair of  blue Lapis lazuli beads that look like the earth and I also added a pair of Swarovski  crystals, setting this dangling earrings on a silver finish wire.

This pair is made from amethyst beads, plus I added  simple spacers and Swarovski crystals set on a silver finish wire.

I have added 2 brass wires coiled into spirals to add a funky touch to the brown agate stones (left photo). The materials I used for the ones on the right are green jaspers and mother of pearl shells. Set on a brass wire & clasp, this is a fave pair that I wear almost everyday. 

I hope that you´ve liked today´s postings... Coming up soon, I will be posting on how decorated a small elegant bedroom. Meanwhile, if you have question or comments on today´s posting you can post it below, I would surely love to hear from you..

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