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A Gorgeous Day - Decorating A Sideboard

The sunshine makes the difference and  we are lucky to have enjoyed it today. Had a fantastic time biking and afterwards,  I thought of  picking-up fresh flowers in the field near our home.
So, I brought home gladiolas in beautiful vibrant colors. The gladiola and sunflower field is just next to the rowhouse we live in and that makes it easier and practical for me to get fresh flowers at any day I want. 

The fresh flowers gave me inspirations to do some decorating today. I have rearrange the sideboard that used to hold various favourite books and removed all the clutter that I had been planning to put in a box.

Here is the field where you can cut flowers on your own, cut and pay for what you get by simply putting the coins in a slot box, no questions ask...honesty is the best policy and you get to enjoy your own boquet of beautiful freshly cut inspirations.

In principle, Symmetry in designing plays an important role when adding objects in decorating. The cobalt blue jars were chosen because they reflect the colors of the pictures, whereas... the lampshades balance and strengthen the whole composition.

That wraps up for today, I hope you have enjoyed reading today´s blog. It´s weekend folks,
so I hope you´re all having a joyous time whatever you´re doing and wherever in parts of the world you are in right now!

Til next,