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A Self-Made Winter Coat

Do you love sewing? Well, if you do, then you will also be able to make this coat. 
I´ve had a woolen fabric that I bought on sale per meter and kept it for a long time until I decided to sew  this winter coat for myself....

 Over the years, I have collected patterns for blouses, skirts and dresses from a german Style magazine called Burda. Although the pattern of this coat is an old one (at least 15 years old),
 it is a classic style as you can see,  and it never goes out of fashion..... 

Vintage mother of pearl buttons and buckle were used here. What pure luck did I have to be able to gather all those vintage buttons that my husband´s Oma gave as hand-downs.
 And to tell you, I´m still thrilled til now that I have all her treasured collection.
 I will be showing them to you in another posting..soon!

I love this mother of pearl buckle....

For the lining, I used a tartan design cotton. Sewing the lining into the inner part
 of the coat takes a lot of patience, but I´ve enjoyed doing this project.....
 so, I just took the time whatever was necessary.

I hope I got you inspired to try to make a coat for yourself. There are so  many patterns
that are surely available at your local craft or bookstore.

 Of course, it easy to buy  a finished coat....but, the thrill of this all is the knowledge
 that you are able to do something special for yourself or for your dear ones.

Hope your day is filled with sunshines....SMILE!

Til next,