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Lotus - A Stitch in Time


I discovered the pattern of the Lotus design from an american magazine I kept while in college about 35 years ago...the original pattern is for a floor rug, but I converted the design and  cross-stitched it as wall decoration

First, I painstakingly transferred the design to a graphing paper by hand ( pic below).  I started this project during college, then stopped and continued during my time as a working student. I think I´ve finished about 1/2 of the design... It is only after I came to live in Europe that I finished this project after 10 years of almost not doing anything . Rejoicing after I finally finished it, my husband brought it to the Frame shop to finally have it framed...

 It´s now hanging on the wall of our staircase.

It´s the perseverance/patience  of a crafter that pays off especially after  seeing the finished  project got materialized.  So I guess , this would be for today..I hope you´re enjoying the first days of Autum.
Happy Weekend!