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Stylish Wrap-Around Skirts


Wrap-around skirts are really a welcome addition to anyone´s wardrobe, they are very versatile and can be worn in almost all occasions, you only have to choose the fabric for each event , like a woolen wrap-around for winter, linen for summer, etc

I like making all sorts of wrap-arounds skirts, blouses or dresses. With just one pattern and a bit of imagination, I create various styles of skirts with different fabrics...

The first pic on top is a skirt I did last year and its fabric has a jungle motif. I think it´s a perfect match to the african necklace below ( there´s a previous posting on this necklace under ).

African Necklace

Wrap-arounds are classics, they never go out of fashion and they are practical & comfortable to wear. I wear them in the office, during travels, at leisure times or shopping days.

The floral fabric I used for the above skirt is a thin 100% cotton almost similar to voile , this can be worn on a very hot weather, it´s light and airy....
I made these skirts using a 1 x 1.4o m fabric... this size is exactly what I need to make a one whole piece skirt without cutting the fabric. Actually, cutting was only needed if I´d decided  to wear it shorter. To have a perfect side shape, I used pins to mark the line of about 10-15 cm and sew it into place to attain the pencil skirt shape.
If you´d like to make one, be sure to try the fabric into your body, by wrapping it onto your  waistline, both ends should be overlapping. I hide the side button by sewing 2 fabric strips onto the skirt to tie a knot on one side..all skirts also have an inner button to hold the other end of the skirt in place.
This one here is a normal pencil skirt that has an extra wrap around part to be tied on one side.
The second part can be tied onto one side of the main skirt.

Finally, this is my fave wrap-around made of embroidered linen fabric. When I wash this, I use a light starch so as to make it a bit stiffer. It´s great to wear this with a white blouse trimmed with laces on its edges.
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