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Cross Stitch - Lovin

The first embroidery project I did  at 14 were those 4 kitchen cloths beautifully outlined with  running stitches in different colors. The designs were huge petals of flowers stitched using dark colored DMC against the cream cheesecloth color of the fabric...Oh my, I still vividly remember those. I also made a pillow case that had a cross-stitch design of a wreath , I copied 1/4 part of the design and transferred it to a graphing+ paper, stitching until I completed the round wreath.. Well, those are gone now...

The above ABC cross-stitch project was done in red color against a cream aida fabric, it was a gift to my husband to commemorate the acquisition of our spanish finca in 1998.. It´s now being displayed on the wall of our guest bedroom there.

This same framed cross-stich ABC was also featured in my youtube video called decorating a small elegant bedroom, if you wish to see my decorating video here is the link :

This set of  cross-stitched letters were meant for a wreath project, but the C went to the US as a gift to my american friend...

Embroidery is a craft that is really handy to make especially when you´re watching tv or listening to a music... For me, this craft is calming and a stress reliever after a hard day at work.

Wishing you all a very nice Sunday ahead for those readers in the US, Canada, South America.... and for those in Asia, "good morning"....wherever you are in your part of the world, enjoy your Sunday!

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