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Nikolai - The Husky

                                      Nikolai the Husky....(3rd pencil Sketch-Vienna, July 3, 2010)

He is very adorable. I first saw him on his  FB page
and I must admit that he is very handsome and real groovy not only on screen but also
 in person ....ehhhhm...sorry,  in pawson!

Nikolai lives aside from his Mom & Dad, with Mr. Mogie, a maltese, Nikki & Scratch, the golden retrievers in Manila. Following him on his FB page I became fond of Nikolai and tried to capture his images thru pencil sketches.. Here are some of the drawings I did on him and although they are not professionally done, I still cherish them because they´re among the few sketches I´ve ever first attempted.

   Nikolai, the Husky...his 1st pencil sketch on May 25, 2010... Vienna

When I came to visit my family in Manila, I had the chance to meet them.
Nikolai and his brothers are well-behaved dogs and I´m lucky to have met his wonderful family too.
The four of them....Nikolai, Mr. Mogie, Nikki & Scratch were
featured in last year´s FHM Magazine and that I need not wonder ... because they are simply great & beautiful  dogs!
2nd Sketch..2010
Mr. Mogie ( white)  & Scratch (golden)

       Mr.Mogie on top ( white ), Nikolai, Scratch & Nikki
Nikolai...behind the scene of the FHM Magazine - March 2011 Issue 
             I hope that  the above drawings would motivate  you to try & capture your own pet´s beauty in pencil. For all we know, there is  an artist in you that just needs to be discovered.....
........just believe in yourself !!!
Til next,