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Affordable Stylish Belts

I got them all from an after the season sale...
The store put them up on sale at a fraction of a cost to get rid of them.... But, nobody wanted these belts because the sizes were simply too long (!).

Well, I bought some of those long belts as you can see in the pic above and with a bit of imagination, I transformed it into the size of my waist...

Here´s how I did it:
First, be ready to have the screw below , you can get this from a hardware shop that sells various screw, just ask the one for the belts.
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I cut the leather on the buckle back part shorter, made new hole by hammering a very big nail to insert the screw ( please refer to the photo below ).
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As the belt was cut shorter, I had to make a new hole for the buckle as well...and I used the old hole as template for the new one. A Stanley knife was used  to cut a rectangular hole to fit the buckle before screwing the fold together.

 These are now the finished and adjusted length of the belts

Having all of these belts transformed into the size of my waist, I suddenly have stylish affordable accessories that fitted my wardrobe.... and I didn´t have to spend a lot of money to buy them......

Thank you for visiting me today and ......HAPPY WEEKEND  TO ALL!

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