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Shades of Autumn - A Country Bouquet


They are absolutely gorgeous, those red orange berries of wild roses. And this is the time of the year that I love to gather them. In Spring, wild roses are everywhere and abundantly growing along the sides of the roads and countrysides. These wild roses have varieties of shades, they come in pink, white, red, orange with a bit of yellowish color in the middle....

For the bouquet above, I used many small glasses ( marmalade glasses will do) with water and distributed them on all sections of my shopping basket...that way, the shape of the bouquet is controllable rather than having a big container or vase to hold all the materials.

When the flowers of the wild roses have gone dry,  their berries begin to develop and they turn from light to deep green to red as the Fall  approaches. Well, it´s  kind of  tricky cutting them off the branches  when you´re not wearing gloves because of their thorns.

Gathering them from the woods nearby, I also cut other materials such as the yellow flowers, black berries, name of  which I really have no idea what they were called. But, I guessed they were not edible, so  I just gathered them to be part of the above flower arrangements I  wanted to make.
The yellow flower arrangement with its matching vase above was done some weeks before when these wild yellow flowers were abundant along the fields near our home. The ceramic vase is  vintage that came from hubby´s Oma. I think it´s a design style that was very popular in the ´70s.
I hope you have enjoyed today´s blog, I´m wishing everyone a nice Friday and a great evening ahead.
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