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The Blue Pillowcases

When I made the blue and white bed canopy  project of my spanish bedroom in Nov., I left its length too long and I wasn´t able to finish the seams of the side curtains due to lack of time . By just folding and pinning them temporarily, I left for Vienna..... 7 Months later, when I came back for my deserved holiday for 2012, I finally completed the side curtains cutting and sewing the same to its proper length...

But, what to do with the curtain remnants? Well, the blue pillowcases in this album are just but one of many ideas I had in mind . Adding grandma´s vintage lace made the pillowcases look customized...And so, the curtain remnants were put to good use.

The lace used here is a vintage lace that I got from Oma, my husband´s granny She really had a lot of sewing treasures that she handed-down to me before she left us for good and she was a great crafter. She was the one who patiently taught me how to knit...although, I´m not really into knitting as my love is crocheting, I still appreciated the craft very well and admire those who can really can do this craft...

So the whole curtain thing hapilly ended and  I was able to finish the seams of the half tester bed above. It now shows the 2 blue pillowcases that matched the inner curtain fabric,  looking like a custom- made pillows, I hope you would agree.

This is just one idea where you could put to good use  all your unused  fabric strips. I keep those remnants once a project is done for they can be used later in another craft....

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!

Til next,