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What´s in a Flower?

Yes, what´s in a flower?  I often ask myself.
I only know I always like them since childhood days. There is something in their appearance and fragrance that attracts me. Flowers make me smile, make me feel livelier, it reflects token of love, express our sympathy for someone, show admiration and appreciation. We cultivate them because they make our homes beautiful and they simply brighten-up our days.

Time of Roses...... by Thomas Hood

 It was not in the Winter
Our loving lot was cast;
It was the time of roses—
We pluck'd them as we pass'd!
That churlish season never frown'd
On early lovers yet:
O no—the world was newly crown'd
With flowers when first we met!

'Twas twilight, and I bade you go,
But still you held me fast;
It was the time of roses—
We pluck'd them as we pass'd!

I guess I could say I´m lucky to be able to live in the beautiful city of Vienna, considered to be one of the best cities in the world. A quiet city with lots of  wonderful architecture, old buildings with its  amazing facade, Museums, famous State Opera , wonderful classical sound of music, small cafe´s, narrow streets, etc... Fronting my fave flower shop is one of the Dome towers below.  The Stephansdome was erected during the Middle Ages, 11th Century AD.

The flower shop is located vis a vis this wonderful Gothic architecture....and have a look at the amazing facade!!!

Roses here, dahlias there.... make all passers-by to stop, gaze and have a closer look at these gorgeous flowers and get tempted to buy one....

Nowadays, almost all kinds of flowers are offered everywhere. Flown-in from some tropical paradise no matter what climate a country has, most flower sorts are always available for sale in the shops.

Shades of Autumn 2012, who wouldn´t love to have these arrangements and colors... they can simply make your day when it´s a "grey on grey" weather.

A pleasant evening to everyone.

Til next,