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Do - It - Yourself - Curtain & It´s Rod

Think about the many possibilities of decorating your  home nicely.... one of them is by using soft furnishings  i.e. pillowcases, quilts, stitcheries, and curtains. I buy my own fabrics and make them into curtains & pillows as the case maybe... Making a curtain isn´t complicated, you just have to prepare the materials beforehand and you´ll be halfway complete with this project

The wood was measured and cut according to the size of my window plus 15 cm more on bothsides to allow curtains to be gathered on both sides without destructing the light.

These are the materials I used in making the  curtain rod and I got them all from the hardware store.

The rough side of the velcro wa stapled onto the wood to hold the valance.


I bought the curtain rod (metal part) from the hardware store and fix it to the below part of the wood, the braces hold them and are screwed onto the wall.

 I use these types of curtain bands, there are many designs to choose from.... for the valance ( the one that hides the wooden structure)  that is to be attached to the wood, I chose the one which can be attached with a self adhesive tape, the one part of the velcro that is the smoother side. But, on the other hand.... to make it more stronger I stapled it onto the wood to give more strength...
The back side of the valance.
 The valance can hide the wood and its rod and the valance can be easily attached and detached down when the curtains become soily and need washing. 

Well, this is how I make my curtains at home.... I guess, I won´t be able to give a real  tutorial  as I´m not a professional curtain maker, but, I do hope that this may serve as an inspiration to all homebodies out there who would want to try this for their homes.... please see this link, it will give you a thorough instruction on how to make one.
I had to redo the posting as I previously touched a wrong button in my cp that changed the whole blog including deleted photos + typo errors, LOL!.... will try to be careful on the next postings!
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