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A Shopping Bag For Mercy

After a couple of months of having so little time for creating, I finally finished this project... I´ve actually intended to use this carry- all bag for my daily needs in the office...It´s big enough to carry so many things, things which I have to bring everyday to work, most importantly umbrella because of our changing weather, my lunch, make-up kit or maybe sweater and scarf... As from now on, winter can come and I´m ready for any eventualities along my way to and from my workplace...

I used  a vintage mother of pearl button for the closure.
When I create a bag , I always pay attention to the details like this one and it´s the detail that takes a while to finish the project...
I cut fabric strips so I could sew them to the straps as decoration.
For the interlining, I used a stiff nylon and added compartments. Since this nylon has a firm structure, it makes the bag stand on its own.
To my wonderful readers from all parts of the globe,  I´m wishing you a pleasant Monday evening and  bright Tuesday to all those friends who are ahead in time ( Asia, Australia , New Zealand, etc) 
Friends from New York City and the East Coast, may you all  be safe from the big storm Sandy.
Til next,