Challenging Arts & Crafts

A Cherished Heart

Sometimes, I dip into relaxation at home not only on week-ends but on weekdays, too. And for me, crafting is  one form that relieves me from stress after a hard day of work in the office. One crafting that is suitable for me infront of the TV is crocheting or quilting and many others.
During week-end, I also really indulge in sewing and one of the crafts I do is sewing fabric hearts.

For the trimmings, I crochet a flower and add beads in front fastened by a button... The back side can be of different fabric...


Here, my fabric heart has a zigzag accent that makes the edges prominent. It also gives a wonderful effect on its overall outlook .. It´s nice to think that the little details added to your heart might lift-up the spirit of the person to whom you are giving it to.

By giving your heart to someone, you will make that person feel special and in return earn a smile...

Til next,